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                        Mission Statement 

Business Image Lift was founded in 2011 by Francis Santa. After 5 years of research and development, Business Image Lift was opened in 2016. Francis was personally a victim of bad internet press when he was charged with one count of conspiracy by the Federal Government, a white collar crime. His family and himself lost everything back in 2009, along with his freedom for about 60 months. Once a victim of the internet and having his name tarnished we at Business Image Lift understand how you feel and the affect this has upon your business, you, and your family. Francis chose to leave some content on the internet because he wants you to know that he understands how you feel and what you are going through. The public is quick to make negative judgments because of the internet, which you are currently experiencing. That's why we have developed Business Image Lift, a proprietary method which uses the law to remove negative content. We believe everyone deserves a clean slate and should not be judged on past allegations, hundreds of our current clients agree. That is our mission statement.  

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