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How it Works

Protect Your Name with the Worlds Most Effective Business & Personal Reputation Management Team.

The internet is the biggest tool for a person to gain information regarding a business’s performance as well as an individual’s background.  All types of information, good or bad, are at your fingertips.  Yahoo, Google, Bing and other search engines are now household words and are used daily. 


        A background check on a business or person fifteen years ago used to take weeks, now it takes minutes.  There is no longer a need to hire a private investigator to do these tasks.  The internet is quicker and less expensive and easy to explore.  A google search, as well as other reporting agencies, are just a click away on a mouse pad away with information.  But this information may not always reflect the truth.


       Many businesses, as well as people, have fallen victim to people using the internet to get revenge or ruin a company or a person’s reputation.  There is no one that filters or verifies harmful data.  It just gets posted, and stays on the internet for what seems to be forever.  These harmful posts could cost a small business thousands and sometimes millions of dollars in potential client revenues as well as prevent an individual from gaining employment, housing and credit approval.  It is frustrating and very unfair.

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