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Business Image Lift (BIL) will assist businesses and individuals in regaining their respect and proper image on the World Wide Web.  Our advanced technology will remove derogatory information legally from blogs, posts, websites, social media platforms along with harmful places on the internet (i.e. Bill will also add positive information (If contracted) to improve or clients internet presence, through the use of press releases and customer testimonials.  This process also combats harmful information.


  Some business and individuals do not have any information on the internet and need web presence, along with positive feedback and information about their service or product.  For these clients we have a special service to accommodate and bring them into the internet in a highly positive way. Whatever your circumstances are, BIL can improve and help you regain the best possible image on the internet


  An annual membership is available for businesses or individuals who want instant notification when information is posted about their company or themselves, whether positive or negative with our “Image Alert” notification program.


The removal of unwanted information from the search engines

and desired sites. 


The addition of positive information, Such as press releases, customer testimonials, ect


The continual monitoring of the internet for derogatory information along with providing alerts to your email or smart phone or tablet.


An optional alert program is available for businesses or individuals who want to be notified of any information being posted to the internet, whether positive or negative.  This feature is available with “ Image Alert”


Link Removal

We can help you recover your reputation by removing derogatory information



Remove your mugshots from the internet. Talk to our identity specialists today.



We can monitor your good name and let you know if something happens.


ID Alert

You can get alerted when something happens to your online identity. 

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